Thanks for visiting my website. My photographic story started in the early 1970's with a growing interest in underwater photography. 

I joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1973 and trained and worked as a photographer. I particularly enjoyed aerial photography and the Navy's helicopters made excellent photographic platforms. That era was one of film and wet chemical darkrooms and due to an allergy to some of the chemicals my naval career was somewhat brief. Photography was in the background for many years but I still used the knowledge gained in the Navy to try and produce quality photos over the years.

In 2004 we moved to the Port Stephens region of NSW and I started to get an interest in nature photography using digital equipment. So began the learning curve. I enjoy getting out in the bush and trying to find and photograph our Flora and Fauna, big and small. My photographs have been featured in environmental campaigns, local signage, television and in various publications. The hobby has introduced me to lots of wonderful people who enjoy this creative challenge and inspire me with their enthusiasm and generosity.



                                                                                                An alternative use for the long lens.

So in 2015 the learning curve continues. I am always trying to improve the quality of my photographs and become competent with new techniques. My current steepest learning curve is learning to manage this website that has been so kindly created by the efforts and knowledge of Gerard Satherley.

All the originals to the images shown are high quality, large files suitable for printing or other reproduction.  If anyone wishes to purchase or use any of the images they are available at reasonable cost and this helps to offset the cost of my equipment.

I hope you enjoy the site.