There is much to be said for creating and preserving some habitat around our homes. Its nice to be able to see birds, predatory insects and the odd lizard eating insects that may otherwise be a problem.   Quite a few of the photographs on this website have been taken in or very near our yard.   We have a very small block, but it is on a corner so I've planted some bird attracting plants on our nature strip areas. There is a series of grafted eucalypt trees that have wonderful colours. They use beautiful West Australian types grafted onto rootstock more tolerant of eastern Australian conditions.  These plants have the additional benefit of not growing very big, so ideal for suburbia. The ones we have are called Summer Red, Summer Orange, and Summer Pink. When these plants are in flower birds and bees take advantage of the abundant nectar and pollen and in the process present as reasonably obliging subjects.

                                                                                                               A Rainbow Lorikeet feeding on Summer Red


A Honey Bee ( not an Aussie native insect ) foraging on Summer Orange.